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Canada Post strike may endanger the small and medium business enterprises

Canada Post may strike in July 2nd

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The world is facing the tide of globalization and anti globalization counterattack

China should actively promote and participate in the globalization

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The British "Europe off" after chairing the bridgehead, foreign trade enterprises are mostly on the sidelines. What's your opinion?

British "off Europe" on China's foreign trade will have some impact, but the impact will not be too large

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India electronic business platform favored Chinese products, accelerate the expansion of the category

India electronic business platform on China's commodity species also began to grow rapidly

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How deep is Britain's influence on China's foreign trade?

International Economic and political situation.

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Yingde port cargo clearance is frequent, is the VAT, the European referendum or?

June low season, why frequent clearance of goods

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Cardboard boxes, electric vehicles, express delivery...... China's logistics industry opens the road of green environmental protection

National Express reached 50 billion,it will mean that there are 20 billion plastic bags

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The Middle East Business ushered in the month of Ramadan "shopping frenzy", perfume and costumes search volume increased

People working in the Middle East have a reduction in working hours plus a festive atmosphere

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More than half of China's express delivery and it is related to the transaction volume over the Amazon and eBay.

"The original idea is that the Internet can change everything, so we want to do the Internet.

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Alibaba GMV in 2020 will exceed 6 trillion yuan

In 2020, we will achieve 6 trillion yuan (US $1 trillion) of the transaction amount

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